Site cannot be reached from Tor browser

When trying to access my site using Tor browser, I’m presented with a captcha. When I solve that I get another captcha ad infinitum and never reaches the site. That’s so frustrating!

This is despite the fact that I don’t have any block/challenge rule set in Firewall settings and I’ve set security level of the whole site to essentially off.

I’m wondering which configuration is relevant to this problem, and how can I fix this?
Thanks in advance for your help.

I don’t know if these will solve the problem but you can try turning off:

  1. Firewall Settings > Browser Integrity Check
  2. Firewall Settings > DDoS > HTTP DDoS attack protection > Configure (try setting this to Essentially Off too, but not recommended unless you know what you’re doing)

Actually both settings are already set to off. Any thing else to check?

Check the Firewall Events Log. It should be easy to filter out for Country=T1 (Tor). Click on the event and it should show you which setting is blocking access.

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I wonder if you can create a Firewall allow rule for Country=T1 (Tor) if the above still does not work…

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