Site cannot be found

I’m getting an error message saying my site cannot be found when I type in the address without the www. in front of it.

I thought I have the correct DNS records and page rules set up but maybe I’m missing something. It works when I type the full address with www. in front of it.


Thanks for your reply. If you type in does it come up?

For me it only appears when I type in and I get the error below if i leave out the www.

My apologies, misread your question. :blush:

Yes, does not load. There is no record for your naked domain. Create another CNAME with as name and point it to the same address as your www record.

Great, thanks! I’ve added that now and it’s not showing up yet but hopefully it will in a few hours.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

It does load now ->

It redirects to www however. I guess thats what you want.

Now it probably really is a DNS propagation issue and that should “fix” itself for you shortly.

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