Site broke after been added to Cloudflare

my website is fully configurated with Cloudflare but right after the whole site broke. I can still go into the wordpress backend but the front is only a white page with green writing on it. what do I need to do?

I see that it redirects to HTTPS. Was it working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

yes, it was

For whatever reason, it’s trying to load most everything from a non-standard URL. And I can confirm those URLs return a 404.

What can I do? Do I need to change something in the CPanel?

You’ll have to fix something at your end. That HTML is coming straight from your server. I’m surprised it worked before you added it to Cloudflare.

I couldn’t find the issue, so I deleted the whole site again and started from scratch. Now everything is working. I deleted the domain from cloudflare and added it again. I don’t know if this was a mistake but now every other time when I start checking the site on my phone it says Error 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP.
Can I reset the DNS record somewhere? The site also cannot get picked up my the google page speed bot anymore . "Lighthouse returned error: ERRORED_DOCUMENT_REQUEST. "

Should I open up a new topic with these issues?

The website page is

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