Site blocking

Hey. The site that is on the same IP with me was blocked Accordingly, my site also fell under block. Is there any way to solve this problem?

What do you mean by blocked? Can you elaborate?

Adding a site to the database of prohibited. And users from Russia can not go to the site. By the fact that with me on one ip, there is a site where drugs are sold. Therefore, blocked Cloudflare Ip

Sry for my Eng.

I just found myself in the same situation. One of customers from Russia complain that he can’t access my The site uses Cloudflare. I asked the customer to check traceroute and it appeared that the packet doesn’t leave ISP.

A dozen message and a couple of days later, ISP replied that Cloudflare’s is in Russian registry of forbidden ressources. It also shows as blocked at (Russian registry of forbidden resources).

Most likely this happened because someone in Russia didn’t like something that is accessed via Cloudflare. Solution? Obviously - block Cloudflare!

I understand that it sounds ridiculous - but that’s the world we live in. And I don’t think Cloudflare or any other CDN or hosting provider can do anything about it.

Sites behind Cloudflare don’t receive a fixed IP, so I’m not sure how you would be permanently linked to a bad site. That being said, customers on BIZ or ENT plans can request a custom configuration that would likely get around this type of issue (if it came up).

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Hi! Same issue here:

Cloudflare IP (where my site is based) appears to be blocked by the Great Firewall of RUSSIA (Roskomnadzor Роскомнадзор). What should I do?

Blocked IP:

More about the issue in Russian: Темы — Магазета

Same issue here…

When I have the Cloudflare Reverse Proxy turned on, I am “hosted” on
This IP address is blocked in Russia:

Sadly that Cloudflare has no real option here what to do in these cases…I had to cancel my PRO plan and deactivate Cloudflare on my Russian website. Sad.

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How can I contact Cloudflare support on this issue? more and more people contacting on this issue?
Is there anyway to change Cloudflare IP?

You can always email support@Cloudflare from your account email address and engineers can investigate the issue. If something unusual is occurring they should be able to figure it out.