Site blocking (parser)

When I use my parser module the site just stops working. In a few minutes, it shows me Error 503.

I’ve added my server IP in a white list in firewall rules. But it didn’t help.
Can anyone tell me what to, please?

What’s the domain?

The site was closed due to technical reasons. Now it’s opened. Check pls

It loads successfully now and so I guess the problem is solved?

When I start the parser module - the site goes down (offline with 503 error). In a few minutes it becomes online by itself

So enabling the parser module causes the site to go down with a 503 error for a few minutes?

And it only happens with the sites that are on cloudflare

Hmm… I want to see how fast it’ll go offline when you enable the module (you can enable it, then disable it shortly after, that is, if you wish)

Here you go )
Site is down right now (or is working VERY slowly).
At least I can’t reach any page

I just refreshed it and it loads up for me (that is VERY slowly)

I also noticed that when the module was enabled, the images WEREN’T showing, but now they are!

See for troubleshooting the missing images!

The problem remains. Cloudflare blocks the site work because of the simple module. And the problem with images is not prior.

How are you getting the error? Are you just loading up the site or maybe clicking on a certain page?

As I told you earlier - the site goes down after I start the parser module.

Can you please delete the screenshots of my site from this topic?

Ok, I will, but why do you want me to do that?

Because my client doesn’t want this site to go on public or somehow associate with me or my account. They have a complicated privacy policy.

Oh, ok

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