Site blocked by the "Blocked Always Category"

A website is miscategorized by a Category which i can’t affect or bypass. The whole point in using Cloudflare gateway was to have the control by myself.

Yeah i can report miscategorizations via Radar, if the radar site would work and load for me but the menu doesn’t even load on my chrome. Even that i unblocked everything client sided

But here comes the main questin: Why there are rules in place which i can’t see and which i can’t overcome as an admin?

And i’m honestly about to rip out the settings which define Cloudflare Gateway as my DNS Server on the router.

I don’t want to make a request which work or won’t work, that is not a valid solution not at all. If I want to allowlist a domain for my network (!), that should be working with a click and the confidence that it’s working as i define it.

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