Site Blank After Shifting Domain from One Cloudflare Acc to Other

I shifted my domain from one of my cloudflare accounts to another one and followed the guide I found on cloudflare.

My domain on old account showed “moved”, and on the new account it shows “active”, the dns records are properly setup, but for some reason, site opens blank.

If I “Pause Cloudflare on this site”, the site opens fine on non-http and everything seems to be working. But as soon as I enable cloudflare, the starts opening blank again.

I also did basic dns check, although I’ve put the right DNS in cloudflare for “A” record, it doesn’t reflect in dnschecker, and it has been more than 24 hours waiting for the change to propogate.

Any help is welcome.

site being mentioned here :

scribbify is not proxied by Cloudflare, so any issues are coming straight from your server. Namely, it does not have a valid certificate. If your host can not provide one, hopefully they’ll let you upload one generated by Cloudflare:

I have paused cloudflare on site and site works fine when cloudflare is paused. Its running on

Since it’s paused, I can’t replicate the problem. But in this day and age, if a site doesn’t have a valid SSL/TLS certificate, it’s dead to me.

I have enabled cloudflare now. is now opening blank.

The Issue is not with not using SSL/TLS, I had to pause cloudflare since that was the only way to make the site work. I have again resumed cloudflare, it is back to blank.

Do you have a certificate on your server?

My server setup tool provides an option to add SSL from letsencrypt, I had turned it off when I installed the wordpress like one year ago, it worked fine from cloudflare SSL. Cloudflare SSL is still showing active : Screenshot-2021-07-18-at-8-02-36-PM — ImgBB

This won’t be the problem since site was working fine with the server setup. As soon as I changed cloudflare account, it is opening blank.

In that case you currently have a security issue.

I am using full in SSL settings.

Please understand this was working fine from one whole year. There is no issue from my server, everything is in place, I have 3 more sites in the droplet and they run fine. They are on cloudflare too. It’s just the site I have changed cloudflare account that have now started to appear blank.

That’s insecure, see my earlier response.

The site doesn’t open at all, its blank, I haven’t asked for security updates, I want the site to be running, it is not, it was on this setting from more than one year and it was running fine.

Even changing it to full strict does nothing. It still is blank.