Site being transferred to somebody else incessantly & unauthorizedly in China

In China it has always been transferred to

Visitors from other countries, however, are not subject to this predicament.

Personally I call it Hijacking.

I tried everything.

I turned on Always use HTTPS, HTTPS rewrites and HSTS all the time. I installed DNSSEC on the godaddy server side. I attempted to install certificate on the origin but when I opt for FULL STRICT mode it did not seem to work.

I am being totally cornered.

I would not dare to open a ticket because first, I dont really have no RAY ID. Secondly, I am sick and tired of all that NOTHING TO DO WITH CF AND ALL ORIGIN’S FAULT conversation.

Help me please

In the past few days I would turn on and off Pause The Site button. Alternatively, I would even try to disable and then enable universal SSL. It did work every once in a while but generally it had lasped back to the old pattern.

What do I do for crying out loud

I doubt it’s the origin’s fault, but it sure sounds like a Chinese DNS issue. Can you pinpoint a DNS server a visitor is using when their request gets redirected?

I’m sorry but exactly how do I PINPOINT that? Is there a specific site I could use to pinpoint it?

You’ll need help from a user who is being redirected. Since it works for everyone outside China, it’s impossible to troubleshoot from here without knowing which DNS they’re using.

You can have them try this:


Visitors using Windows Devices from China can not fetch data from However, this screenshot is one of the results we got from visitors using mobile devices.



I’m not having any luck with DNS queries on Chinese name servers. Maybe someone else here can give it a try. Or open a Support Ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

thanks though. do i need to suspect ISP hijacking? Or is there any necessity to resort to

It is that whenever I check out in this community on subjects relating to Hijacking I always bump into ISP or stuff.


Any discussion that involves China and Internet tends to discuss limitations and roadblocks. But since your domain is on Cloudflare DNS, they might have the will and a way to see what’s going on.

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We are talking about df58, not 22hg, right?

What exactly did you mean by “transferred”? An HTTP redirect?

Right now the site loads for me on HTTPS, does not redirect anywhere, but has a mixed content issue. It is properly configured for Cloudflare though.

If I understood correctly, you are saying the site does not load properly for Chinese visitors. Is that right?

Can you execute these five commands on the machines (I presume Windows at this point) where the issue appears the respond here with the output?

nslookup -type=ns
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