Site being DDOsed offline for a week with Cloudflare attack mode enabled, options?

My sites been getting DDOsed to the ground for 5 days straight. I had a day of relief yesterday as I blocked every country except the United States which seems to have stopped the DDOS attack. Now as of today the hacker smartened up and acquired a bontnet that is mainly United States IP’s. On the verge of giving up and letting him win but without the concept of blocking every country in the world I’m out of ideas. Attack mode enabled, DDOS mode enabled (set to high). Rate limit enabled and it broke all my images. Still being taken offline completely, what am I missing here?

Previous threads here and here.

Please try to stick to one thread otherwise people will just repeat what was said before which doesn’t help you and wastes their time.

What is your site? Are you sure under attack mode isn’t working? That would challenge every request.

If you set the rate limit too low, then your images may be affected as every page, file, image, JS, CSS is a request.


They are TWO DIFFERENT questions, please read thread. One thread I’m asking about fixing rate limit broken images, the second I’m asking about additional things I can do. If you can’t contribute here please go elsewhere, you’re not a mod.