Site b&b DNS

I use CloudFlare’s DNS.
Our bed and breakfast site is .

We are not sure that everything is working properly.
thanks for the support.

Car rental site ?

no is bed and breakfst

I understand, but are you saying that other user account is not you too?

it seems to us that it has lost positions

other website, other dns

Still, only post with one account. Also, the forum cant check and verify each of the sites you (or everyone in general) are going to add. The other site looked fine, but please use that knowledge to check out future sites yourself and I would also recommend to use the search.

Should there still be an issue (which cant be fixed via the search) then please post here again provide as many details as possible, along with what you have tried to fix it.

ok thank.
only thing i notice is a loss of position is normal?

Do you mean the ranking in search engines?

yes, is the ranking in search engines

That ranking is mostly determined by your site’s content and Cloudflare is not really involved. So, no, adding your site shouldnt make your site drop.

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thank you very much.Wish you a happy new year.

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