Site at Hostgator, https not working


I have been using your service for years and everything worked well. Now I cannot make new domain work on your free plan. I only want to use CF for https, nothing else. Before I setup domain on server, went to CF - Page rules - and I added “Always use https” rule. However that option is not available anymore. I noticed that when I add new domain to CF, it asks me if I want to use https. I selected YES and “Always use https” but as soon as I do that, my website stops working. Browser says there is no such IP. In “DNS” settings in CF I see A “autodiscover” entry to point my IP but there is no A entry * to poing to my IP. I added that too but nothing happened.

Website was working well and it is hosted on Hostgator. Yesterday I installed it there, tested it ( and it worked well on http:// then I went to CF, added, changed DNS to yours and it stopped working. Note that I have done it 20 times before but after you changed something I can’t make it work.

Can you tell me how to fix this?

Hi @tiomanisland,

Glad to hear you keep coming back to Cloudflare!

Your site works OK for me, I am redirected to HTTPS and no errors here.

It may be a caching issue on your end, we can walk you through a few tests (in your terminal/command line) if you want to confirm this, or you can just wait and it is most likely to resolve itself.

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