Site API under Cloudflare Captcha



I have a problem with a API that is under CloudFlare protection.

The site is using API to upload videos and for a long time everything was okay.
But some time ago API requests started to return 403 Forbidden page and asking to solve captcha.
Openload support said that they can’t help. I know that they can solve it by whitelisting my site’s IP, but they do nothing.

So I’m trying to solve it by myself.

I want to show this page to user, he will solve captcha and video will upload.

The thing is that when I am creating iframe with address it loads normally.
But when I make a post or get request, it returns me CloudFlare “Attention required” page.

I’ve tried to programmatically show this page’s content with all CSS’es and scripts, and it shows, but when I solve captcha it returns to the same page and again demands to solve captcha again.

Could you tell me to solve this issue?
Should I somehow receive some cookie or session variable to store?

Am I right thinking that if iframe accesses page normally and curl request returns cloudflare page, it means that IP is not blocked, and something is missing in curl request?

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Hello @justgast,

Unfortunately, I can’t help in that case since the zone isn’t yours but I’d just say that it depends on the configuration of the domain you mentioned.
I’m not sure of what you’re trying to achieve here but Iframing the website implies that the request from your visitors may trigger some other security mechanisms which can explain why you’re asked to solve the Captcha in a loop.