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У меня есть 2000 доменов и я хочу перевестих сюда. Есть ли ограничение на количество доменов в бесплатном тарифе?

For Eng:
I have 2000 domains and want to transfer them here. Is there a limit on the number of domains in the free plan?

Since the question is similar to this one, kindly read more information about here:

Due to importing DNS records and limits per domain, here is an article:

@michael could know the answer so far, as he could suggest you an idea for your topic regarding the import and limits.

You will be limited by the number of non-activated domains you can add to your account. You will need to activate the domains as you go. I think the limit of non-active (domains where you have not yet changed the nameservers) is 50.


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