Site access stops at cloudflare

Hi guys! Never used the Cloudflare Forums so hope this is the right way to get support.

My site is accessible from my WAN, however Cloudflare doesn’t forward HTTP requests towards my server. The Cloudflare DNS settings never changed, and the IP is the same, and the site didn’t change either. Any ideas?


Forgot to mention, it’s giving an HTTP 521 error “web server is down”.

Make sure that all Cloudflare IP addresses are approved in your firewalls.

Sounds like you might be running this from a home / residential network?

… Did you actually test the access to your IP/port from outside your home?

If so, and that is still working, you’re likely blocking (some) Cloudflare IP addresses…

More and more networks out there are running their residential customers through Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT), which does not allow you to open ports for Cloudflare (or other services) to access from the outside.

As such, it might be worth looking in to Cloudflare Tunnels, if you are running it from home / residential network, so you don’t have to open ports and other stuff.

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Thank you! I’ll look further into that and keep you posted. Yes, it is a residential server. It’s worked before I had to wipe my server, and yes, I did test it through someone else on a completely separate network, they said my WAN is accessible but not my site. I doubt it would be my provider modifying something, but I’ll check it out. Also, if it helps, I used a DMZ on the server so afaik it should just allow all traffic… not sure if that is how that works haha.

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