Site access denied

what can i do please if am getting access denied to some website

Please contact the site owner. They’re the only ones who can help you.

Imagine you got home one day to find your significant other has locked you out. You probably wouldn’t call the lock manufacturer to let you in, would you? :smiley:

Cloudflare provides security tools for site owners to protect their sites, much like lock manufacturers offer products to help homeowners protect their properties. And just as the lock manufacturer can’t give you spare keys when you get locked out (even though they make the locks), Cloudflare can’t help you bypass the site owner’s protection either (even though they make the tools).


Thank you for your response, do you recommend to contact the owner by call because i can’t find their emaIl here

That depends on the site in question and the nature of your relationship with the site owners. For instance, if it’s your bank or a hosting provider and they do provide support via phone, then definitely call them

But if it’s one of these mega-corps, then calling them is futile – unless you have a personal account manager you can reach out to.

You could also look them up on social media and reach out there.

Good luck!

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