Sir not updating these nameservers in my whoi Account

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Noe updating nameservers from 3 days

Can you please share your domain?

My Domain =

Your nameservers are currently pointing to NS1.WEBSERVERCENTRE.COM and NS2.WEBSERVERCENTRE.COM. You need to update them at your registrar to your assigned Cloudflare ones.

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Sir/ Madam
I have updated my nameservers in my registrar last night but not updated yet .

That does not appear to be the case:

Sir I did not understand what you said please provide detailed information about the error.

As the link above shows, the entries have not been updated at your registrar. They need to be updated at your registrar in order for the zone to become active on Cloudflare. If you need assistance updating your nameservers at your registrar you will need to contact them.

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