SIP and Cloudflare

Is it possible to use Cloudflare to protect my Asterisk & Freeswitch servers from DDoS attacks?

I recently had an attack and my host null routed the IP, which was a tremendous pain in the backside as dozens of clients had to change their setups.

I can’t find anything with google relating to SIP, VoIP, Asterisk or Freeswitch in conjunction with Cloudflare so I’m wondering if it just doesn’t work with SIP.

SIP is not supported. The only exception I know of is TeamSpeak (via a special SRV record), which isn’t listed here:

There’s currently a limited beta running called “proxy anything”. Maybe they’ll add port 5060/5061 someday.

How was your host attacked? On your SIP service?

Don’t quote me here, but I don’t think so today (.8 on the Gartner Scale) Today Cloudflare supports http/s and websockets. I don’t believe SIP falls into the websocket category…

However, we do have a beta ongoing which, when launched, may allow for you to leverage Cloudflare DDoS protection for SIP.


It was a floating IP that was attacked at Digital Ocean. They weren’t attacking my SIP server specifically but the traffic was heavy enough to require null routing.

My servers are pretty secure but I can’t handle huge volumes of rubbish, and DO warned that I need to get something in the way.

That’s ugly. Most (not all) people are not responsible for incoming DDoS to their services :confused:
Quick and dirty way could be to split the networks for phone services and all others. (Assuming that the floating IPs are on the same networks as the server IPs and they sinkhole the entire network). This would help if the attacks are aimed to take down your website. And you can protect it with Cloudflare.

I haven’t got any other type of server, not there anyway. These are just clusters of SIP switches. It’s the first serious attack I’ve had in over 3 years, but it did make me think a little about protection.

Filled in the form - worth a go :slight_smile:

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