Single Redirect not working

We have a site that is only used by Australia & New Zealand. We have setup a single redirect so that if someone from NZ goes to our site they will be redirected to the NZ version of the site but this is not working.

This is the code that we are using

(http.request.full_uri contains “\” and eq “NZ”)

which should then redirect to \

We had done a test on another site that we are not currently using with the same code and it works (although pointing to different sites).

I am at a loss to work out why one works but the other doesn’t.

I have proxied the DSN as per the documentation but still nothing.

Is there something else that needs to be done to get this to work?


Please use the Hostname operator instead of Full URI, see if that fixes the problem.

( equals "" and eq "NZ")

thanks for this, that has worked.


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