Single page cache purge not working

Alright, I’ve escalated this ticket. Thanks for the report.


I have the same problem. Also started to happen 2 days ago. Also super cache Cloudflare plugin. For me my website doesn’t refresh content even when enabling development mode and purge cache. The cache purges after many hours later.

Any origin cache like fastcgi, nginx, engintron, etc?

Maybe that particular plugin cannot flush the origin cache → configured by the hosting provider. Therefore, plugin only flushes the cached “page cache” .html document, which origin cache catches and overall the Cloudflare gets that version and serves it “as-is” by the web server :thinking:

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cache-control s-maxage=31536000, max-age=60
x-wp-cf-super-cache cache
x-wp-cf-super-cache-active 1
x-wp-cf-super-cache-cache-control s-maxage=31536000, max-age=60
x-wp-cf-super-cache-cookies-bypass swfpc-feature-not-enabled
x-fastcgi-cache HIT
cf-cache-status DYNAMIC
report-to {“endpoints”:[{“url”:“”}],“group”:“cf-nel”,“max_age”:604800}
nel {“success_fraction”:0,“report_to”:“cf-nel”,“max_age”:604800}
server Cloudflare


Response headers. Yes i have fast CGI but it was always enabled on my vps. Today after 24hours my website still has old content despite removing also page rule that plugin created.

Same problem here. Haven’t been able to single purge for 36 hours now. Both through API and when logging in on Cloudflare.

The only way I can reproduce this is if I use the API Token setup, as instructed in the configuration. Adding or updating a post does not purge my home page, the post itself, or its categories page, even though enhanced logging shows the purge request.

I am not using the Workers option.

Custom Purge in Dashboard per URL still works as expected.

Only if I use the Global API Key, does my home page and Category page update if I add a post.

One thing interesting thing is that I’ve set Logging to High, but I’m not seeing the API response, as shown in the Plugin Support thread at WordpressORG.

What I did:

reset the plugin and set again with new global key
purge fast cgi cache (I also installed plugin to auto purge fast cgi cache each new post or update)

After those 2 tries my page has been refreshed to actual content. But, here I’m not sure what helped because today I did test updating my last post, and it didn’t update. Fast cgi cache has been purged correctly during update but the content is still without my change, so I assume its Cloudflare cache. Again purging CF cache doesn’t do anything.

But today I checked

Again custom purge or purge everything doesn’t work. Fast cgi cache purging correctly when pushing new post or doing update. So I think the left is CF cache.

try it :grinning: that is good plugin for personal use and no plugin just setup worker and route if I design for client. I don’t use global api key (cache everything )but api token (worker) it is very fast. just suoer page cache and Cloudflare free and conveeter media. heavy divi A/A 98/100 approx 1 second .

Worker is paid. I reach daily free requests limit in 2 hours.

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I also reported the issue. Let me know if this gets fixed. Thank you!

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