Single domain with multiple IP addresses

I have a server that I want to be able to be able to access only locally or on tailscale VPN using a HTTPS subdomain. The internal IP that it points to changes whether I’m connecting directly on LAN or through the VPN. Can I make two A records for the same domain, one pointing to my server directly and one using the Tailscale VPN? I tried doing this and it didn’t seem to work

Yes, but…

Not likely. That’s because Tailscale’s VPN likely assigns a private IP which would not be publicly routable. (UPDATE: yep, it seems they’re in the CGNAT shared address space by default)

Consider using Cloudflare Tunnel for this:


I’m not looking for it to be publicly accessible though, only from my LAN and tailscale VPN. So the two IP addresses I want my subdomain to point to are both private (tailscale: 100.64.. and internal IP: 192.168..). Is this possible?

You could use a tunnel so that you can make the server available. You then could limit access to your VPN with an Access Policy.

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