Single Domain name with multiple usage (http, ssh, sftp)


I have a domain which is proxy though cloud flare to hide my original IP address. Which works fine and users can access our webpage without any issue. If I do nslookup to my webpage then I get cloudflare dedicate IPs which is I am ok with it.

But, using the same domain ( I would like to use the same subdomain to connect to SSH(22) or sftp services. When I try to do that it fails as it is trying to connect to cloudflare IP address but not my original server IP.

How to address this situation?

The easiest way is to create a separate DNS hostname with the same IP address, and set it :grey:

You can protect services like SSH with Cloudflare Access, which will require a separate hostname to any used by your
website. I’ve never tried SFTP using it, but it should probably work fine, depending on your client.

You could also consider Cloudflare Spectrum, which is a paid add on.


Thank you for your response. I will pick that route.

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