Since yesterday cloudflare creat error


Yesterday i try to add page rules, then after a time, my page went off line.
to many redirections-
i removed all page rules.
put cloudflare on again, same thing happen.
this morning, i removes, many options again, but still same problem is there.

now cloudflare is off and page works.
but how can be? and i would like to use coudflare again.
any idea?



Let me just quickly fetch my crystal ball :wink:

How should anybody possibly provide feedback with the details provided?


Don’t get lost by all redirections :wink:

What can i say more, browser msg been to many redirections.

Page been like in a loop.

is there a rest option on cloudflare, to rest all to 0?

Thanks for looking in the ball.


To begin with, whats the domain?



The domain does not point to Cloudflare at the moment but seems to load right now. What happens if you place it behind Cloudflare?


yes it’s off, i put a one now.


Seems to be behind Cloudflare now and still loads.


i clicked resume, it went green…
now it is grey and when i click resume i got this
Zone is already unpaused (Code: 1022)


yes page is running fine, but cloudflare with this error.

Zone is already unpaused (Code: 1022)

this i never saw before


And what does its status say?


Status: Paused


And unpausing it throws the error? Can you log out and back in and check if it still happens?

Good old “have you tried turning it off and on again”.


loged in again, now it been green. (on)

now i’m in the loop
please check


Loads fine for me - and does it via Cloudflare.

Try maybe clearing your cache. I am aware of this being very generic advice, but I’d try it first as the site itself seems to load alright.


What can i say, on FF in the loop.
EDGE AND Chrome and Mobile Chrome working well.

If i say, yesterday i checked same and all failed…


i check more, but thanks a lot for your time! and advise!


I check it on Firefox too and it works. Check out the network tab in the developer tools, that should give you some more insight.


Yes thank you, i will check firefox,

but really, yesterday non worked =)


hmmmmm…now i can’t log in admin

otherwise, very nice speed


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