Since june 6, neither warp nor zero trust, can't connect, is there a definite date

Since june 6, neither warp nor zero trust, can’t connect, is there a definite date to fix it?

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A third party is blocking WARP, likely something on your end or your companies/ISP/government.


If that’s the case, the situation may be more complicated, and I’m sure I can’t do it in my personal capacity, so I’d like to ask if there’s a solution.

Seems to be a nationwide outage, for reference:
It’s a bit annoying since it’s technically also used for internal network access amongst many organizations…

As frustrating as it is, Cloudflare doesn’t provide guarantee of network availability in China outside of Enterprise plans that have agreement to use China Network. The same applies to WARP, so using WARP without that purchase is subject to issues if the nation decides to take action against the IPs, and Cloudflare is unlikely to take action to prevent it.

Yeah, from a technical standpoint this is totally valid.
Even Zero Trust doesn’t seem to be a part of the Exnerprise Plan (although it seems to be enterprise-oriented?) so it does not work either for now, at least most of the time, since roughly 14:00 on 06/06.
Strangely pinging these inbound addresses still seem to work (I have a server there so I could test them) so I suspect either the protocol, fingerprint, or the ports have been sealed up.
That’s about all I know, and it’s quite puzzling for me too. (Though not a huge issue)

(Sorry I messed up the replies… New here…)

There are a few plans of Zero Trust:

The one that page refers to as “Contract Plan” is the one where you would be able to add China Network. I agree it’s not clear though.

Ohhhhh that makes a lot more sense now. But it says “Custom” so I’m just going to assume that it’s as expensive as the recent Vercel bill for that Cara app…
Also there’s no mentioning of the “China Network” anywhere on the page so maybe adding it there would be a good idea?
I’m guessing network fees in China would be really high because of weird restrictions (probably even higher than in Korea) so that’s probably why it’s only for paid customers. Very understandable.
Anyway, thanks for the clarification!


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