Since I moved to Cloudflare this morning is my page down. Error 404

Good morning, I moved to Cloudflare and integrated my page. After activation is my page down with error code 404.

Why is this and how to solve?


Your host is Strato, isn’t it?

Unfortunately their setup is somewhat incompatible with Cloudflare as they tend to shift IP addresses and you’d always need to update that on Cloudflare’s side. The link above will provide you with more insight.


Is it possible to move the domain to Cloudflare and leave the Wordpress hosting with Strato?

Strato and Cloudflare are not compatible. Please refer to the threads I posted earlier.

Fully understand thats why one option would be to move the domain to Cloudflare but what to do with Wordpress?

I am not sure what you mean by move? Even if you do not proxy the records, you’ll still have the issue with outdated DNS records. With your host you essentially need to use your host’s nameservers.

The domain is hosted with Strato at the moment. One option would be to move this one to Cloudflare as new host. But I also have a Wordpress Hosting with Strato for this domain. What to do with this one?

Cloudflare is not a host, so you cannot move anything to Cloudflare to begin with.

Sure it is possible or do I understand something wrong here?

I am afraid you are quite wrong here. That screenshot refers to the registrar service and has nothing to do with hosting. Having a .com domain, you can transfer it to Cloudflare, but that’s the domain and is completely unrelated to hosting.

Once again, you will need to switch host if you want to use Cloudflare.

Alright, thanks a lot Sandro!

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