Since cloudflare setup only empty white website displayed


Hi there,

since I have setup Cloudflare, I have the LOCK in the top of my browser.
Unfortunatly there is no website anymore. I only get a empty white page. :frowning:
My domain is setup as explained in a few videos and everything should be fine.
Nameservers are set to yours, the one and only rule set is “always use HTTPS”.
I have created my website with Rapidweaver. The Domains are at a company in
switzerland, the Website is on a server in Germany, the Domains are redirected
in the domain setup.

I have searched your help site and the web but without any results.
Can you please help me?

Thanks a lot, all the best from Germany and please stay healthy

Was the site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

What’s the domain?

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The domain is “”. The site was only displayed http before.
I have turned the Cloudflare the SSL/TLS OFF in the dashboard.
Now the site is displayed again (http only) without the lock where the URL is.
That’s why I thought it is just a mistake in the setup of Cloudflare. :frowning:
I appreciate your help, because I really want the HTTPS certificate for the website.
Thanks a lot

Cloudflare has origin SSL certificates you can add at your host, if the host will let you. If they don’t let you add SSL, I suggest you move to a different host.

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