Since adding CloudFlare, my website has been down - Please help

Hi guys,

This is the first time I’m posting here and I’m not massively tech savvy, but I’m not a complete newbie either.

Okay, so here’s a timeline of events:

  1. Yesterday, I created my Cloudflare (CF) account for my new site,
  2. had an SSL already via my hosting provider
  3. I changed the nameservers to the CF ns
  4. I also enabled the DNSSEC and sorted out the changes with my domain provider
  5. Everything was going okay, then around an hour after doing the above, the site went down
  6. I contacted my hosting provider and they asked for access to my CF account. I gave it to them. They then told me the following:


Thank you for your patience up to now!

We have reviewed your Cloudflare’s SSL settings and it seems that currently, Cloudflare is still authorizing the SSL certificate of your domain.

Please note that this process may take up to 24 hours and we will not be able to determine the exact time frame it will take.

Considering this, please allow some time and if the issue does not resolve, do not hesitate to get back to us.

Our team is 24/7 at your immediate disposal!

So that’s all I know. That message was sent to me from my hosting provider 10 hours ago. I had sorted out all the CF stuff (changed the NS, sorted out the DNSSEC, etc.) around 13 hours ago.

If you can help me out, that would be great!


Contact Cloudflare support.
They might need to do something.

Be patient. You can check the SSL status on your dashboard.

If it is still in state ‘authorizing’ after 24 hours read this post and reply there:


You can change your site to :grey: until the SSL certificate is issued and then change it to :orange:.

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