Since 2 days ago firefox users can not pass captcha

since 2 days ago firefox users can not pass captcha
and they must use chrome which is ok

if firefox users use https url ,they can pass captcha
but if they use http url , it remains in captcha step ,forever

is there any solution?

Hi there,

Just tested both your zones and could not reproduce your issue. I was able to browse to the .com and the .net domain using both HTTP and HTTPS in Firefox, although the .com forces a redirect to HTTPS and only loads after.

Although I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue, if as you state this only happens in http, seems like an easy fix is to enable Always Use HTTPS under SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates

Take care.

thanks for reply
it happens ONLY if your ip is suspicious and cf forces the captcha
use a public vpn to see it

this error is now famous (Only firefox)

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