Simultaneous DDOS Atacks

I am receiving DDOS attacks, my websites are down even with cloudfare “Under attack” mode. What can be done?

They are making DDOS attacks on my two websites, they have written to me privately, the people in charge of the DDOS saying that cloudfare protection does not work in these cases, that they are simultaneous attacks and that cloudfare does not protect against these attacks. Even in “under attack” mode my websites are still down. What can be done?

It seems that the attacks that are being done to me have been designed to bypass the cloudfare protection.

I also do not understand how to contact the support or any Cloudfare expert.

You’ve done step 1 in the list… there are a number of other recommendations here:


The problem is that I don’t have the technical knowledge to do this. Doesn’t Cloudfare offer expert services to help you? Or how can I contact an expert on this subject who can help me?

The enterprise package.

There are partners that handle attacks for you.

Be aware that in any case, these services are well into the 5-6 digits.

Consider checking this guide: Mitigating an HTTP DDoS Attack manually with Cloudflare

We can try to help you from the community if you have some base we can work from, speculating how we can stop the attack without seeing any of the firewall rules you deployed or further information is pointless.

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