Simply want a domain to point to a URL

I’m aware I have no DNS records. I bought the domain through Cloudflare. I want it to redirect to a page on another site with a really long URL. What does the DNS need to be to allow this rule to take place? Nameservers are on Cloudflare.

That is actually a great question.

What works for me is creating an A or AAAA record (the former for IPv4 visitors and the latter for those using IPv6) for the desired forward and using an address from RFC 5737 and RFC 3489 respectively. The address ranges in those RFCs are reserved for use in documentation and should not be routed.

In case reading RFCs is not a task that you relish the way I do, I’ll share a viable address from both sets.

AAAA: 2001:db8::1

The final part of the process is to insure that you have enabled proxying for those records (i.e. Orange cloud).

This will result in your relevant forwarding rule being processed. You can configure your forwarding using either Bulk Redirects (which is preferred) or Page Rules.

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I’m OK with bulk redirects. Searching now for where that is. I currently have rules, but bulk is fine.

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