Simply redirecting my domain to facebook page

Hi! I have a domain and my DNS servers are on Cloudflare, so I can edit the records from the Cloudflare interface. I have no website and no server (hence no IP address), but I have a Facebook page: Автоцентър "РИЦ"
I simply want to redirect all traffic from * and to the Facebook page.
I have set up the following Page Rule:Автоцентър "РИЦ" (forwarding URL)
and I have Development Mode enabled and my DNS records are empty (I have no IP address yet)
But it does not work.
I have a free Cloudflare account.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

You dont have DNS entries for your domain. You need to create them before the page rule can work. It does not matter which IP address you enter as the page rule will always fire anyhow (e.g. you can enter simply make sure the record is proxied (:orange:).

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Then need to create a page rule

From **


Thank you! That did the trick. For lurkers:
I created the following records:
Type A, Name @, value, proxied
Type CNAME, Name www, value, proxied
The redirection is slow though, but it works


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