Simplified answer to a 301 redirect not working as Im not technical

Hiya, Ive received a link to more text about why a 301 dredirect might not be working that refers to SaaS and other abbreviations that is well above my pay grade as im relatively junior in this regard. I just need to know what I have done wrong with why a 301 redirect is not working just shows a flywheel error page when have created the same page rule on all my domains listed in Cloudflare. One of the main issues is i cannot send the url as i dont even know how to do that so someone can check it as the guidance on this refers to something about back slashes so I though that would be but it wont take that either

Why is this not working please … and moreover what do I need to do to bget it working?

The site in question is not being forwarded to

Hello there,

Its working for me. Would you try using other browsers or device or incognito mode?

Nilay I have just browsed the URL on an incobnito browser and got this result

I then went to do the same on MicrosoftEDGE and go the fywheel error page

Any advice there on why you are soing something different because you are saying that the the 301 redirect is actually working and the target URL is being found using the .com extension

please confirm if this is what you ar saying

I do not get this result even now. I see this instead:

I assume that’s the one you are talking about.

I did not check this one yet.

Whehey … its working - Awesome.

Thanks Neiljay


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