Simple Redirect Rule not works

Hi guys,

Im trying to attempt build a simple redirect from A to B

my rule:

but it still not works
Have any idea?


Change to If you want all sub paths to also redirect use the wildcard as shown e.g.*$1

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Not works, this is mi actually config:

no one redirect works ahah :confused:

You have the same rule three times. Why?

Try deleting the first two rules.

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Done, now its the setup

im not sure if it is the correct way to redirect from A to B, the original idea is put addressA in the nav bar and redirect to adddressB automatically, its possible?

You still need to remove the https:// from the URL i.e.

Ok, i still removed the wrong url

but not works xD
if possible put in the browser addressA and “transform” to addressB ?


Have you configured the page rules on or

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on is not in cloudfare but prodermic yes

There’s nothing wrong with your Page Rules per se. You should try to find out why they are not working somewhere else. `

Check your DNS panel and see if you have the domain as :orange: or :grey:.

Have you set your domain so that it’s actually loaded by another domain? Is there any third-party service that you subscribe to that has perhaps control of your Cloudflare settings?

Also, what are the two Cloudflare nameservers assigned to your domain? You can check that in the DNS tab of the Cloudflare dashboard.

Your DNS A records point to an IP address that belongs to Cloudflare. And that is the IP address that is propagated as your own website’s IP address: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

This behavior is not standard. When you host a website with a hosting provider, you have, on your DNS tab, for instance:

A (the hosting provider's IP address)

And when you search your domain with a DNS checker online tool, you’d see:

A (or some other Cloudflare IP address)

To whom belongs the IP address on your A records? Your hosting provider?

im desist to use cloudfare, sucks! haha

I’m sorry that you can’t resolve the issue. You seem to have Cloudflare through a partner setup or some other non-standard configuration, where you don’t have access to Cloudflare tools directly. You’d need to ask your hosting provider for more information.


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