Simple redirect question

Hello everyone…

Later today we will be adding a new site into our Cloudflare tenant. This will be for managing DNS only. The actual domain will stay with Godaddy.

Currently there is a redirect on Godaddy that simply sends users to another domain where the companies website is located. We will need to keep this in place for obvious reasons. I am new to Cloudflare and during my research, Page Rules and Bulk Redirects keep popping up. The KB article states that Bulk Redirects are the recommended method. Is there not a simple URL redirect option or maybe I am overthinking this.

Also, the article mentions “Traffic must pass through Cloudflare for Page Rules to work. If you only use Cloudflare for DNS, Page Rules are not active.”

This seems like our scenario which I assume means we would have to use Bulk Redirects.

What is the correct thing to do? I appreciate the help.


Any redirect implemented at Cloudflare (PageRule, TransformRule, Bulk redirect eg.) can just work if your domain is proxied by Cloudflare. But that also means that in DNS Only mode it normally does not interfere with any redirects done at GoDaddy.

Thank you sir

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