Simple question: Is this message normal?


I just want to know if this message is normal?

The part where it says:
" Note: APO runs against the following list of hostnames: AND (without the WWW)"

Is it supposed to say this or there’s something wrong? It should be only ONE domain either with WWW or without WWW or both as it states?


It doesn’t really matter one way or the other, as cache purges are either Everything, or a very specific URL.

The only APO I have is for a subdomain (not www) and it only lists that one hostname.

While it’s quite possible your site runs on both hostnames, it’s unlikely, as WordPress usually steers queries to a specific hostname. Without knowing your hostname, I can’t test this.

@yevgen can probably give this a look and let us know.

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I see that WordPress is properly configured and redirects www to the naked domain.

Hopefully yevgen can answer this. Again, it doesn’t really matter one way or another, but I can see how someone could be concerned about APO being configured for the other hostname as well, even though it’s not being used.

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Thanks for your input. Is there a way I can delete the other hostname? (the WWW one)

I’m mentioning @yevgen as well.

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That would be up to the dev team to make this change.

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It’s not supported at the moment, but don’t worry APO will work fine with current settings.


Thank you so much <3

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