Simple feature request; Put “Security Level” column in dropdown of websites


I have a suggestion, to improve the CloudFlare interface. As a user, I know it’d be helpful to me, but please everyone chime in and give your opinion. (If it gets support, maybe CloudFlare will add it to the interface!)

When I log into my CloudFlare account, and then click on the list of my domains in the top left corner, the following details (3 columns) can be seen in the dropdown for each of my domains:

Domain | Plan | Status (i.e. active vs Paused)

It would be very helpful if this dropdown also displayed a 4th column of:

Security Level (i.e. low/med/high/under attack)

The reason this 4th column should appear in the dropdown is because sometimes we (users) put a site in ‘Under Attack’ mode, but there’s no way to see which sites are in that mode unless we visit EVERY SINGLE SITE. (And some of us have a lot of sites!)

Does anyone agree?

Thank you,

Dan W.


Thanks for the suggestion. Looking forward to hearing what others think. And everyone, try to include details around your specific needs. Like how many zones you are managing. What types of plans you are using, etc.


I think this is a great idea, but taking it further, I would like a separate listing/view that has all the settings of every domain, i.e. from cache expiration settings to HSTS settings and whether ARGO is active. The more info the better. It would allow an us to go in and scan all settings rather than clicking through all the domains.

I realise this would mean lots of scrolling, but it would make the review process so much more efficient. In the future, you could even make some of these settings editable directly in the list, rather than having to click through to each domain.


I don’t want to veer too far off course from the original feature request, but @autumn01 you seem to be describing some kind of ‘master dashboard’ that would list all zones/domains and their associated settings. This sounds kinda cool - 1-stop shop for all the settings, but screen real estate becomes an issue (depending on layout).

Here’s a mockup of something similar that you may be describing. Note that not every feature/setting is included here (I’m on a 12" retina display currently).

Obviously there would be more zones listed here but I think you get the idea. Personally I manage 7 zones currently and they are all on the free plan (at the moment).


I like both my and Autumn’s idea. I see Autumn’s kinda as a spreadsheet so I can see all settings in a grid for all domains. That’d allow me to quickly see who’s set this/that way, rather than clicking thru all the domains. I also like my idea of adding a 4th column that lets me see the security setting in the dropdown. Likely a separate thing, both great ideas.