Silly but simple - port forwarding

My router uses the terms - local and external.

So if I am forwarding http for example is port 80 my external port and 1880 my local port or the other way around? And for https port 443 my external and say 1443 my local?

I am following a video and his router used the term - destination point. He has port 80 as his destination port and 1880 as his NAT port.

It’s possible I have them all reversed.

Your web app is working on 80, but your router is 1880? - that port is not compatible with Cloudflare and Cloudflare cannot proxy traffic over it.
The same for 1443.

You should use one (or more) ports for your web app (at least on your router) which are compatible and on which Cloudflare can successfully connect.

Regarding the compatible ports with Cloudflare, kindly may I ask if you already have checked from the list below?:

You web app, the router should have ports compatible with Cloudflare, so Cloudflare could proxy your web app over them (the DNS records would be :orange: cloud, otherwise :grey: cloud).

There is an option to use Cloudflare Spectrum which is available on all paid plans.
But, Pro and Business plans support selected protocols only, whereas Enterprise supports all TCP and UDP based traffic.

More about it here:

Thanks . This super helpful. I am read now BUT I still need my question answered. Thanks

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Make your router/NAT external ports compatible with Cloudflare so Cloudflare could connect to it. Otherwise, use :grey: cloud at your Cloudflare dashboard (not being proxied) to make your web app works.

If wanting Cloudflare to proxy your traffic, make them :orange: (possible only over compatible ports).

Please stop repeating yourself. I got. I have made changes. Still waiting for an answer.

May I know which video?

May I ask what is your domain name?
Could you please reply with your domain name so we could check what kind of connection do we have here, if so?

I can share it, if you can help, but again I need an answer to my question.and it has nothing to do with my domain.

User - Cloudflare - Port 1880 (router) forward to Port 80 (local)? No. Reason? Cloudflare does not support accessing your port 1880 on router.
User - Cloudflare - Port 80 (router) forward to Port 1880 (local)? Yes.

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I have change the port numbers to fit cloudflare, I needed the info on local vs. external.Which should be the public facing port. For example my http config port 80 local is linked to port 8080 external. Still not sure I have in the right order.

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