Signing up and Sub Domain

Hi - New to Cloudflare and want to get the inital setup correct. I have a domain that I want to use for an emcommerce platform. To get to the ecommrce side from the otehr website I want to use a subdomain.

so main site is and ecommerce site woudl be

When I signed up I added domain. Now I jsut need a CNAME for learnmore Is that correct?

Thanks in advance

It sounds like they’re part of the same domain. You need all hostnames in DNS here if you’re using Cloudflare.

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Yes, its correct i think… but you need to create subdomain first in your hosting provider to avoid error. after that, add your subdomain in your Cloudflare account .


Name: learnmore

Thank you I think I was wrong. I am trying to get learnmore to point to ugly ecommerce link. So when client clicks learnmore there are directed to

Does the ecommerce service have instructions to connect a custom domain / subdomain? You will need to add whatever records they need for the service to work.

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