Significant Latency from Cloudflare Pro

Hello there,

I’m seeing around 200-250ms additional latency added to requests on my Cloudlfare Pro domains vs the Free domains.

At first I thought this was due to the WAF, so I disabled the WAF as a test, but the latency is still the same. I know this must be a Cloudflare Pro vs Basic problem because I have 2 domains which point to the exact same site, which execute the exact same code, and the Pro domain takes 340ms to return a text file, but the Basic domain takes 33ms to return the exact same text file (both domains point to the same VirtualHost).

Can anyone think of any other settings or Features in Pro that might account for this huge additional latency?

Possibly different routing (though Pro should be better, if any)? Check /cdn-cgi/trace.

Hey thanks for your reply,

/cdn-cgi/trace shows that the domains with high latency on Premium plan are using a colo at the opposite side of the country from our origin.

/cdn-cgi/trace also shows that the domains with the low latency (on BASIC plan) are using a colo in the same city as the origin.

For a colleague of mine, they show a colo halfway in between.

The weird thing is that both of us are in the same city, and our city is within just 3hrs drive of the origin and the CF colo that the Basic plan are using.

That would explain it then.

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