Significant increase in bandwidth consumption when connected via Cloudflare Warp


Since the day I started using Cloudflare Warp, I’ve been noticing an exorbitantly increased data usage which is a significant hit on my limited internet bandwidth allocation. This is regardless of video streaming or file downloads.

As an example, the overall bandwidth usage of an ISO file (2.5 GB) was in excess of 3.5 GB. Likewise, steaming a video at a modest 360/480p consumes way more data than when disconnected to Warp.

I would like to know if this is expected behavior or is something amiss. As far as I’ve checked all the settings on the Warp client are on default. Hoping someone can shed some light.

Thank you

Some overhead is expected, as you are actually adding an additional layer to the traffic.

That seems way too much, but it might be an issue with the phone’s data consumption calculations.

Thank you for the reply. I’m more than okay with any respectable increase in overhead. But anything in the order of 1.5 to 2 times the actual consumption is a bit of a bummer considering my daily data cap (1.5 GB) .

In the attached video link you can see a short download segment (of Windows ISO) – from 1.01 GB (give or take) to 1.06 GB (roughly 50 MB)–. Yet the actual reported consumption by internet options dialog is approx 100 plus MB – 330,xxx,xxx to 440,xxx,xxx Bytes --.


The video seems to be deleted…

Apologies for that. The video quality was poor. So, uploaded to YouTube (even if only a shade better). Here’s the three most recent ones: (Disconnected to Cloudflare)