Shutting down "Exposed services"

In searching for cyber insurance, an insurer ran some sort of scan that turned up a huge number of “exposed services” associated with “CLOUDFLARENET” on various ports like 80, 443, 2082, 2083, 8080 and 8443, for “applications” listed as either “Cloudflare http proxy” or “nginx”. How do we shut down these services?

Stop proxy if the records or purchase Spectrum.

I assume you meant “stop proxy of the records…”. I was unaware we were using any proxy. We’re not running any web server. Is there a way to determine where and how to find and stop the proxy?

Sign in to your Cloudflare account and pull up the DNS records for your domains. Any entry with :orange: is proxied. Switching it to :grey: will make it DNS Only which loses the proxy and any protection and features that Cloudflare provides (other than their robust anycast DNS).

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