Shut out/billing

I have been using Cloudflare to register my domain The payment that was due to renew was missed due to unforeseen circumstances. I am prepared to rectify this situation, however, the CF account that I used for this domain I do not have access to. It’s a catch-22 actually. The account is {redacted}, and since the domain has lapsed, I no longer have access to that email account to verify my account to recover my password.
I have since created this alternate account, so I can seek support.

Things I need to achieve:

  1. Update billing to get things going again
  2. Recover account password

Everything else will fall into place after.
Thanks in advance,

Oops, I can see this being an issue. I will escalate this thread as there isn’t much we can do in the community.


I will reply to the ticket.

It is complex and we will try to help but also following our security procedures.

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I am an admin (just not super admin) under this account if it helps at all. I was just going to provide the ticket number

Replied in thread and will keep an eye on my email

Thanks for taking over @salvador

and thank you for getting support’s attention @jnperamo

The domain was temporarily unparked and we were able to get everything resolved.

Thanks again all!


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