Showing This Site Is Not Secure

I’ve installed free Ssl certifucate on my website but when some of my clients are trying to visit my website it is showing them “This Site Is Not Secure”.

My domain and hosting both are registered with godaddy. Kindly help me out how to sort our this problem.

Mixed content, search for these keywords here and you find plenty of answers.

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Homepage is showing as not secure. Can you give me any idea how to fix it please?

The answer is in my previous response.

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Somewhere it is showing me “Connection Is Secure With Green Lock Sign” Somewhere it is showing me “Site Is Not Fully Secure”

If tgere is mixed content than it should be appear in everywhere. But i am not able tp understand why this is happening.

This is caused by mixed content, as @sandro mentioned.

It only appears where resources are loaded over http, so not necessarily across your whole site.

Everywhere means in my other computer my homepage is showing fully secure and on another computer the same homepage is showing that this site is not fully secure.

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