Showing this page can't be reached

After changing the Nameserver, and changing the IP Address, but still my site is showing (this page can’t be reached).

I talk to my hosting provider, they said after the Propagation time, the site will be up and running, but I waited for almost 10 hours but nothing happened.

So I changed the nameserver to the original server.

Please let me know the solution, so that I can take help of cloud flair to speed up my site.

Domain - cloudacer

Your domain was seemingly never active on Cloudflare. You first need to make sure the right nameservers are set and wait for the domain to be active on Cloudflare.

Yes Actually, The Website didn’t work that’s why I changed back to the old nameservers, because I didn’t know what’t the issue and how long it will take, can you let me know why it was showing (This page can’t
be reached).

With your domain not being active, it is impossible to say anything. As I mentioned, you’d first need to properly configure your domain for Cloudflare.

As far as I can tell you do have an IP address on Cloudflare, so resolution should have worked, but again, it’s only possible to comment further once you configured your domain.

Sure Sir, Let me configure it and then get back to you, Thanks!

Also make sure that you are using Full Strict on Cloudflare.

Hello Sandro,

I have setup the Cloudflare Account and changed the nameserver, and using the Full Strict.

But when I am checking the speed then its showing [error]

Can you tell me if the Cloudflare is activated or now?

Hello user! I’m not sure what your issue is, but just trying to open your website works without issues:

Yes Alex Right, It’s working fine, But I want to know if the speed of the site is optimized or no.

Here you go:

Wow, That’s great its working !!, Thanks Alex.

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Well, the site is working now, you simply had an insecure encryption setting on Cloudflare.