Showing Other User Name in header when Html caching turned On

We are using Wordpress and enabled Html caching but in header I have added Logged in user name.When html caching is on then it is always showing other user name in header of the site.
How to fix and resolve this issue?

“Cache Everything” is only for static content. If you want smarter caching for WordPress, use APO.

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So for for Cache Everything features how smartly we can use more smarter way so that this type of others name not showing on header?
But we have tested APO which has lots of issue on AMP and showing error in GSC…

You can use Bypass Cache on Cookie as a page rule on the Business & Enterprise plans or write a worker to do something similar.

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or write a worker to do something similar.
Can you please explain in detail how to achieve that?

This doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but if Workers/Javascript isn’t your thing, you’d have to find a developer to assist.

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