Showing my old site before I moved to cloud flare?

I just moved everything over to cloudflare, and it was working showing my new site.
But now, after a few hours, it is showing my old wordpress site again? (was hosted on hostgator, purchased through GoDaddy
I am not sure what is going on?
My old site was just http

If your new site is at a new host, and you just joined Cloudflare, you could be looking at your old host because it hasn’t yet been the 48 hours it takes for DNS to stop bouncing back and forth between outdated name servers and up to date ones.

If you want more suggestions, post your domain name and we can check DNS status, usually with

Ok thanks. It just confused me because it was working. And yes I just did it a few hours ago. My site is
Peace to you

I ran a couple of global tests and they all showed the same site.

Hi thanks! Yes you were right…i guess it was caught in between last night. All is good now. Thanks for answering last night you calmed me down. I am so new at this and it freaked me out!
Peace to you

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