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Need help!

I have added my domain (Godaddy) with the Blogspot server and did all the settings under DNS. It was not working earlier. Then I linked my site to Cloudflare and changed the nameserver. It still shows me an error message that says and I’m unable to open my site in any browser.

My website - MeltingStars

I need you to guide me, please?

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I’m seeing an HTTPS redirect loop to itself. Was the site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?


Yes, it was working so so but not properly. I used chrome to check it and it was working. and on Opera, the error was there.

During the time of setting up my DNS on Godaddy, I remember, I replaced that code _domainconnect (something like that) with the given code from Blogspot.

I’m dealing with this issue from the last few days. I don’t know what settings to keep turned on and what to be off?

I have to ask you if I need to add CNAMES to cloudflare too?

I would be so grateful if you could solve this for me.

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