Showing ineligible for SSL

I joined last night so about 12 hours in and the SSL for universal says Universal SSL Status Ineligible for SSL
I came in from Bluehost and they say the SSL is set up any ideas? Or am I just impatient and it takes a full 24 hours.


That domain is not on Cloudflare to begin with. Is your domain on a partner setup?

Yes they are and last night they said they took care of their end… I will check back with them and see what is up.

Hi @jeff.foliage, this has come up a couple of times before and a quick search on the site will show the back story/previous conversations. Here is a good tip on the error that came out of those conversations, Community Tip - Fixing "Ineligible for SSL". The tip does not give a lot of options, as the zone has been added to Cloudflare via a partial partner set up and is ineligible for Universal SSL. You’ll need to resolve the issue with your hosting provider or add the zone directly to your Cloudflare account and control the zone settings via the Cloudflare dashboard.

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