Showing a CNAME Cross-User Banned, Been using this site on this account for so long

Here is my dns configuration.

Getting this always no matter what I do

What have you tried so far?

I’d check out the 1014 link to other 1014 posts for 1014 help.

I’ve changed the dns proxy state and also tried to use GitHub pages instead of vercel, I even tried to use Cloudflare workers for the route and it still says cross user banned. I’ve bought the domain in Cloudflare register I can’t even temporarily remove Cloudflare, site is down since two days.

1014 is an error shown when one Cloudflare zone tries to proxy (orange cloud in DNS) traffic to another Cloudflare zone incorrectly. All DNS entries in your original screenshot are grey clouded, so i’m confused as to why this is happening.

Whats the URL you are trying to load?

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I’m super confused why this is happening to, here is the url : www.aravi[.]me

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Strange. Ive asked a few of the engineers to take a look, will get back to you when I hear more.

Looking at the Vercel setup docs, it appears your setup is correct based on their instructions: How to Use a Cloudflare Domain with Vercel

Have you added aravi[.]me as a custom domain in the Vercel dashboard? Adding & Configuring a Custom Domain | Vercel Docs

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Yes I’ve added it to vercel domain section, and one more thing vercel cannot read the dns entries. The dns doesn’t point to the values I set.

Ive escalated this internally, will keep you posted. Apologies for the disruption here.


It’s fixed and running now, thanks @smarsh

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No problem at all - thanks for raising, and apologies again for the issues.


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