Showing 404 page after adding new hosting IP


I am using Cloudflare in my existing site and now I want to change the hosting of my domain After changing IP to new hosting, My domain is showing 404 page. What i am doing wrong?


Hi @n.nareshweb, looks ok to me, no 404, just a big Hello. Your nameservers are not pointing to Cloudflare, however.


Hi @cloonan i have reverted settings back to hosting. Now i have pointed again my domain. Please check this settings here


Hi, I am seeing a php error on the page. On the DNS tab, does easy-best-selling-protector have an orange cloud?


Hi @cloonan Yes easy-best-selling-protector have an orange cloud. How can i resolve this problem?


Is that properly configured on your site? Currently your server redirects to a 404 page (though its not a 404 error).


Hi, @sandro I have configured subdomain in my site. If I change orange to gray in DNS then my subdomain started working. What am I doing wrong?


Check if easy is actually configured on your server.


Hi, @sandro I have already configured subdomain in my site. See here


Have you tried if it works, by accessing it without Cloudflare?


Yes, Without Cloudflare sub domain is working