Showing 1000 Records after Quick Scan of DNS

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Today, I noticed a new design the Cloudflare Dashboard while it seems there is a bug also.

I was just going to add a new domain.

Cropped screenshot from the middle

As you can see, there is showing 1-100 of 1000 records. This seems abnormal.

While at previous nameservers, doesn’t have this much long chain of records.
For now, as solution I will delete that domain from Cloudflare and will try to add manually one by one.

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Are those real records? The 93,94,95, etc. I don’t have any domains with a lot of DNS records, so I can’t check this. There’s a new limit of 1000 DNS entries per domain on the free plans.

Good point @sdayman, which is why the 1k number in @anon13899255’s post is interesting. Anonymous, can you share the domain? I’d like to have someone investigate the why behind what you saw.

Edit - just saw an update that this is related to the recent limits we placed on DNS records, no need for a ticket at this point.

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Here’s the scene -

  • The site was previously using Siteground cPanel based Cloudflare integration. I am never huge fan of that method because it limits Cloudflare reverse proxy to “www” record only. So, I decided why not setup manually and I followed the procedure by creating a new account and went through the process of scanning all the records. Exactly, that moment I noticed a new design and so many records at DNS page that I think no way were belonging to the actual previous records.

I didn’t get chance to repro this again, though when I’ll notice I will update about it.


I am having the same issue occur with my domain “”. I just set it up and it happened after running quickscan. It has over 986 records of mostly numbers, and now I have no idea how to remove them.

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